Written by Lieve Vanschoubroek, Michaela Sieh and the CAM-Cancer Consortium.
Updated February 8, 2017

Simonton Method

Abstract and key points

  • The Simonton method is a combination of mind-body modalities.
  • Proponents say that it can prolong survival and improve quality of life.
  • No conclusions on effectiveness can be drawn because of lack of clinical studies.
  • No data on safety of the modality-combination can be found. Used separately, the modalities are generally safe and well tolerated.

The Simonton method of counselling for cancer patients is a combination of mind-body modalities: cognitive-behavioural elements, relaxation exercises, guided imagery and meditation. According to proponents, the Simonton method aims at prolonging survival time and improving quality of life. No conclusions concerning effectiveness and efficacy can be drawn because of the lack of high quality clinical trials. No data on safety of this method as a combination of mind-body modalities can be found. The different modalities have a good safety record, when used separately.

Citation Lieve Vanschoubroek, Michaela Sieh , CAM-Cancer Consortium. Simonton Method [online document]. http://ws.cam-cancer.org/The-Summaries/Mind-body-interventions/Simonton-Method. February 8, 2017.


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