Written by Katja Boehm and the CAM-Cancer Consortium.
Updated April 29, 2016


Does it work?

Clinical trials

No controlled trials of Carctol for the treatment or palliation of cancer were found.

Pre-clinical studies

No pre-clinical trials of Carctol for the treatment or palliation of cancer were found.

Case reports/series

Between 1985 and 1989 websites claim that 1.900 terminal-stage cancer patients were treated with Carctol by Dr Tiwari.2 The findings are reported on the Internet by a graph plotting the total number of cases against the percentage of response rate, categorised by each type of cancer (including oesophageal, ear, nose and throat, brain, breast, bone, lymphoma, lungs, blood, kidney, cervical, stomach, colorectal, pancreatic and hepatobilliary cancer). On a scale of 0 to 100, patients had to self-score ‘how they were doing’.

The Indian cancer patients who followed the program reported a 75%-100% benefit in 2% of the patients, a 25%-75% benefit in 50% of the patients, and little or no benefit in the remaining 25%. Benefits include increased energy, weight gain, and increased well-being and tranquillity. In some cases it was claimed that the cancer disappeared.2,16

In 2004, Dr Rosy Daniel from the UK claimed to have prescribed the herbal remedy to 860 cancer patients before and after chemotherapy.3 She stated that, in one fourth of those patients she still had contact with, the growth of the malignant tumour had stopped and in some cases the cancer went into recession or disappeared completely. Again, none of these claims are published in the medical literature. On her website, Dr Daniel claims that a non-acidic diet further aids the development of an alkaline environment.14 However, Dr Daniel strongly recommends medical supervision while using Carctol.

Only one publication in a scientifc journal could be located but the article only provides the personal view of its author.12


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