Written by Edzard Ernst and the CAM-Cancer Consortium.
Updated March 20, 2013

Aloe vera

Is it safe?

Adverse effects

Numerous adverse effects are on record but, generally speaking, these are mild and reversible2. Topical use: allergic reactions, delayed healing of deep wounds.

Oral use: irritation of and damage to intestinal mucosa, intestinal pain, diarrhoea, fluid and electrolyte loss.


Oral: pregnancy (oral administration can cause abortion), intestinal obstruction or inflammation.


Oral: increased effects of antiarrhythmics, cardiac glycosides, diuretics and steroids2.


Based on animal studies, there is a suspicion that oral use of Aloe vera might promote colonic cancer21 and that topical use might enhance the induction of skin cancer by ultraviolet light22.

Citation Edzard Ernst, CAM-Cancer Consortium. Aloe vera [online document]. http://ws.cam-cancer.org/The-Summaries/Herbal-products/Aloe-vera. March 20, 2013.


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